"Pasta the way it's supposed to be made"

At Bianca’s we are extremely passionate about changing the way people, think, feel and consume pasta. As firm believers in that good quality pasta should be celebrated, we strive to deliver the highest quality made pastas using only the freshest available domestic and imported ingredients. Our products are packed full of honest, natural, healthy and fresh ingredients constantly changing in selection. Doing our utmost to offer seasonal ranges without forgetting our all time favorites. Bianca’s is brought to you by the original owners of Pasta da Pulcinella in Atlanta that was a favorite of the locals with rave reviews from local and national publications such as “Gourmet Magazine” and “USA today”. Sixteen years later the owners decided to do what they did best and that was to make the freshest pastas, raviolis, gnocchi’s, and Ciabatta bread.

Bianca's Torta

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