Bianca's is a wholesale company of fresh cut pastas and raviolis based in Atlanta, Georgia. Affectionately named after the mother of one of the proprietors. "Mamma" Bianca who currently resides in Northern Italy served as a muse for our products. Her timeless personal lifestyle, inspired the creation of pastas that are simple yet elegant, authentic yet progressive and consistently delicious.

As a young girl during World War 2 Bianca was taught to make fresh pasta by hand by her mother Emma.  During those difficult times these simply made recipes for fresh pastas graced the tables of the family and brought much needed smiles at the dinner table nightly. She cherished these priceless know hows and brought them with her to America and found great comfort in making them at home for her family whenever she felt homesick.

We firmly stand by the belief that the key to great pasta is to find and utilize the finest imported and domestic ingredients. We pride ourselves in not using any additives or preservatives, tailor making the pastas to fit the needs of the finickiest of palates and conscionable budgets.

Seasonal fall items such as Butternut squash ravioli and Pear, Gorgonzola and Walnut ravioli's are a big hit among our regulars. Whereas in the spring we feature ravioli's stuffed with Ricotta and Lemon and Sweet pea and Mascarpone ravioli's to mention a few of the seasonal headliners.

Although it's has been no easy task to concentrate our philosophy into just a few sentences we cordially invite you to try us out for yourselves.